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Lisa Kay




The Law of Divine Compensation


I chose the book I was currently reading called The Law of Divine Compensation written by Marianne Williamson. It is a spiritual approach to work and money. Some main themes are:

  • love and abundance
  • endless opportunity
  • spiritual practice and faith

I am focusing on the W for Williamson.

These are my brainstorming notes:

I was drawn in these main visual directions (tied to the title): 

  • illuminated letters, drop caps from religious texts (divine)
  • circles, a sense of growing and/or shedding (compensation)
  • blackletter, specifically the W from “We the people…” used to begin the U.S. Constitution (law)

These are my favorite sketches. I am leaning toward the last one…

These are some digitized versions I played with. I tried different colors options based on the original sketch. Seemed like it needed another small illustrative element to help ground it. I added the hearts to symbolize the the larger theme of God and love in the book. They are a little kitsch but I kind of like that. Adds some happiness.

Not sure which is the most successful. Stepping away and coming back to it later with a fresh eye will definitely be helpful.

Any feedback is forever welcome. Thanks for looking!


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