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The Lava Room

This is a song I created and was able to restructed a bit with techniques from this course. This is more an R&B feel good song with a Hip Hop flare or vice versa, depending on your mood!



This is my studio set up.

The room is a large square but I have a bookshelf against the wall directly behind the desk to help cut frequencies. On the right corner of the room near the desk ia shelf that holds my vinyl as well as a guitar rack and small table on the other walls. 

It's a small space with a lot in it but it's spread out intentionally in respect of sound in the room. The monitors and Speakers are behind the laptop but I usually back up about 3 feet to listen.

Another issue I found is that I'm upstairs so the bass from all speakers carries right through the floor to the room below. So, interestingly, I usually sit in the center but on the floor the hear a more proper representation when I have to keep the volume down.

The Technic speakers serve as my sub woofer.

I also have a Furman power contitioner to deal with power levels and surges.

My recording is music only because I beat make and produce only. I have no artists readily available to test the mic principles. However, in testing, I did use a pop filter and actually taped pencil to mic casing to break up the remaining pops when using different words. It worked great!

Equipment List:

Dyanaudio MKII studio Monitors

Technics 3 way speakers with amp

Macbook Pro

Yamama MG 10/2 mixer

Motif Rack Mount

Pro VLA Tube Leveling Amp

Small Dj mixer

Furman power conditioner

Thanks for checkng my project out!


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