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The Last Word of Henry

Based on "Chase Henry" from the Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters.

I wanted to explore the tragic end of Henry and decided
to explain lessons on control and what can irresponsibility lead to.

Another reason was because there's not much films out there these days that talk about the sad
demise of the protagonist. The films that touch on that issue are Taxi Driver, The Assassination of Richard Nixon, Network, To Live and Die in L.A..

It's also a completely different draft from my last one, the first draft is always crappy which is why my recent edit is more in depth. It is more structured and condensed as I gathered advice from other classmates and I thank ALL of you. Without you this would've ended up as a Western counterpart to The Room, which we all don't want to pursue.

There are camera terms written in this script as I'm looking to direct this sometime in the future.

A failed alcoholic banker's anger issues soon take the best of him in a tragic fight at a local bar.

Feel free to add comments and I'll do my best to re-edit anything uneccessary.

the script's page is here:


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