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The Last Rock Band in Austin Texas

Josh made us delete our homepage during the Interlinking Video (don't know why), but I really l liked
my homepage so I screenshot that before I (begrudgingly) deleted it.

   This is my band TXRnD  and just wanted to use concepts I was familiar with for web dev and SEO measurement.

  The email address on the (fake) site is real, hit me up there and I'll send you a song.

So, I work for a small company and my website wouldn't come up in normal searches for it, in my area,
I finally got tired of buggin' 'em about it and started researchin' SEO....

Out of all the classes I took, video's I watched, stuff I read  =  Josh's course is the only one that actually taught methods for ACTUALLY optimizing things on a page...Even though it doesn't go totally in depth, it
is exactly what I need.




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