The Last Reading on Earth, Ever

I'm going to host an online reading Friday, December 21st, of apocalyptic poems and stories to welcome the day of the apocalypse, the day of our ultimate doom.

Since we don’t know when the rapture begins, we’ll start the marathon reading in the morning, and it will go until we’re all dead.

Starting Friday morning you’ll be able to watch the entire marathon reading through InDigest’s YouTube channel or at indigestmag.com. That means you can start it any time you’d like. It’ll be available in its entirety all day. Gather your loved ones, have your last meal, and listen to some of the world’s finest writers read their poems, prophecies, stories, and speculations about the end of mankind as we know it. (Though, if the internet survives we’ll have a nice record of how wrong we were about our end, as this reading will live forever in our hearts and minds. Or, failing that, in the instance of true apocalypse, it’ll live forever on the internet, this foreign, mysterious electronic thingamajig that the hybrid cockroach-twinkie overlords will need to figure out to truly understand what came before them.)

I have solicited a number of authors to participate and have also made it open for people to submit to. 

The goal is to organize an event for a specific interest group that is organized toward a specific time (12/21/12) that anyone is able to participate in at any time. 


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