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Christina Lembo

Designer, doodler, hand-letterer, collagist



The Land of Tears

Hi! So here is my inked drawing from the first part of this class. 

Here it is after scanning it in

I would post my Live Trace image here but my computer is acting up... I will try again later! But here is my first pass at coloring.

In retrospect, there were several things I should have done differently. Too many of my paths were connected, making it hard to color well, so I ended up having to duplicate and erase paths to create separate objects that I then colored with Live Paint. I lost the banner drop shadow because of this, as well. I think I still have some work to go on it, and will probably end up doing another inked copy, this time in layers. Looking at it now too, I need to clean up that "S" in Mysterious, my Mysterious letters get bigger as you go to the right! And I have a duplicated color in "tears" and "is a very" that bugs me. But this is fun, so I'm excited to keep pushing!

Feedback is welcoime as I move forward on this!


So I went back and fixed some things, added back the topographical element on the top as opposed to the land masses, and did the figure 8 flourish above "tears" based on feedback on my project in part 1 of the class.

I also inked in layers this time. Yay!

Here is my sketch after being scanned in in three layers and live traced in Illustrator. 

After the initial cleanup

And after a third cleanup

Moved some items around, etc.

Then I started playing with color! I don't know if I've got it quite right yet, so feedback is welcome.

I feel like I like this last dark version best, but I'm not sure the rest of the colors are working, if it's too dark and heavy, etc.

Thoughts welcome! I am learning so much in this class and really pushing myself to do things the right way instead of rushing through. I'm also quite addicted to hand-lettering now!


Color update based on Courtney's ultra-useful feedback... I think I really like this version! 


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