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The Land of Garlic and Honey

This is the perfect excuse to finally do a logo/moniker for my friends business Springside Produce and Apiaries in New South Wales, Australia. He asked me about 12 months ago, but life got a little busy with a little addition to our family!

Anyway, even though I'm starting a little late (OK a lot late!) here's what I have to offer so far.....

I love the lettering and layouts used on chalkboards. This is just a snippet of what I've found and loved.

Given that the primary products coming from Springside Produce and Apiaries will be garlic and honey, I want to include them somehow in the label. I was thinking something along the style of these, in a much more simplified form so parts of the image doesn't get lost during resizing for print....

Sketches and Development of the label/logo:

This was my rough sketch at the time I had my epiphany!! I knew how I wanted it to look as soon as the idea popped into my head, which is usually the way my brain works! As I said at the beginning, this was started 12 months ago and I hadn't been able to even conjure up any sort of idea!

Decided to scrap this little banner idea under the 'S'. Wasn't going to work with the image of the garlic (pic above).

Still not sure about whether to keep 'Grown By:' or try and come up with something else.........

So far I am happy with the way it is turning out. For once I am putting what's in my head onto paper - the way I imagined it!! That very rarely happens!! Now to put it all on once piece of paper so I can see it all together and to do the hard part of drawing a bee..... Eeep!

This is as 'final' as my label will get due to other priorities and projects needing completion this week. It will be finished and digitised at a later date. If you want to see the final product, keep an eye out on my IG feed @bekahann84 or on my Facebook page 'Minnie & Ma's.




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