The Land of Day and Night

The Land of Day and Night - student project

Thanks for another great class, Ira! I took a long while to finish this project, but here it finally is; the Land of Day and Night. It's an A3 sized map and you can to zoom in to see more details. 


I have picked things from my childhood and from my 'nowhood' (is that a word?) that (used to) scare me or make me happy. Most things represent a certain feeling or experience. I started with a list of things I wanted to show in my map. Afterwards I made a sketch and had it as a transparent layer in my drawing program. I started with the main shaped and bigger objects and went into detail more and more. I am looking forward to your feedback! 


Please download the final file from my Drive (the file size was too large):

It's best to download it, because the Google Drive preview is bad quality

The Land of Day and Night - image 1 - student project

The Land of Day and Night - image 2 - student project