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The Lambeau-ner League Championship - Trophy Plaque


Thanks for taking a look at my project! Althought my project is not for a brand, I figured that since I will be treating the lettering as a logotype it was still an exceptable project for this class.

A few days ago, a friend from college asked me to help create some custom lettering for the main plaque of a trophy she is making for her fantasy football league. She is from Wisconsin, and since fantasy football teams often have interesting names, their team is aptly named The Lambeauner (pronounced lam-boner) League. Below is a picture of the trophy and the temporary plaques. 


She sent me one of the smaller plaques that she had designed using a formal script, and she was looking to have the lettering created in a similar style, but custom. Having the lettering style already decided let me jump right in to the sketching. Here is the small plaque with the formal script she picked out: 


I follow a lot of lettering artists online, and I had a couple pieces that really inspire me, so I grabbed those to put together a little mood board. I also grabbed just a couple football graphics to think about how they could inform my design.


Below are a few of my sketches so far: These first couple I was drawing out the skeleton and thinking about using a flourish on the ascender of the b.



So Below here is a more refined version of the flourish, but I realized I didn't add any of the football inspiration; stars and slab serifs.


So below was a stab at using flourishes in an inappropriate way . . . She wanted to see an option with illustraiton and said it can be vulgar, so this is what happened. 


Anyway, after the boner sketch, I took a step back and looked at my moodboard and decided to hit it again on a fresh sheet of paper. I found that having the words "The Lambeauner" styled in the same style helps with the read. I think I like the simplicity in this design, although it is still really rough and I still need to push it. I'll spend a bit of time tomorrow refining this most recent sketc, paying attention to the over-all color and spacing, and yea! That's it so far! Thanks for checking out my project. 


UPDATE: 10/04/15 : Today I am starting to push my latest sketch. I first went over my sketch with the chiseled size of a Copic Sketch marker, this gave me a nice thick weight: 


Then using a fresh sheet of tracing paper on top of the marker sketch, I drew with pencil and began to refine the contrast between the thicks and thins. I then scanned the sketch and brought it into photoshop to make some adjustments before I continued refining with marker and pencil. I wanted to improve letter spacing and make sure that the letters all sat on a common baseline, so I drew in two paths so I could better align the letters. As you can see below, the letters in the word "Lambeauner" bounce around on the baseline. For this project, I would prefer to have them for the most part aligned to a common baseline, so I made that adjustment and at the same time improved the letter spaceing so the word would fit into my pre-determined design area. Below I have a side by side of the initial pencil refinement sketch on top, and the psd refinded sketch below. I am going to print out the psd refined sketch and start to improve from here.




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