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The Lady Red Rose

The Lady Red Rose
1661 Saddle Hill Rd, Middleburg, VA 20117
flat racing, steeplechasing

The project began by googling a random address in my town, which led me to 1661 Saddle Hill Road.  It sounded equestrian so I looked up top equestrians cities which led me select Middleburg, VA 20117.  I decided it should be a business card for a horse and then created the name from an amalgam or concatenation fo some of the most popular racing hours names.  The functions came from wikipedia: steeplechasing and flat racing.

The name of my card came from concatenating several words from the most popular horse racing names.

The item to emphasize was its twitter hashtag - as the lady red rose is very into social media.

The card that uses steeple chase vertically is intended to evoke a horse jumping over a chevron.  Finally, couldn't resist using red on one card, though the assignment specified scale, position, or size as tools for emphasis.


FINAL Version

Attached is my attempt to follow the steps outlined in the assignment.



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