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The Kiss Kaleidoscope

Wow, this project took a while for me to finish because I made masks more complicated for myself than it actually was.

I learned it's important to go slow and understand the process step-by-step rather than trying to do everything at once to make the process go faster. Going the latter route made me confused and frustrated but once I went back from the beginning and worked with the layers one at a time, it made more sense. Working on more than one project helped too. 

The first two images below I experimented with to help me understand selections and masks. I thought what resulted was eh. They didn't look visually interesting to me or feel finished. But who doesn't love Hayao Miyazaki's work? ;) 

So I decided to go for a painting I love and chose Gustav Klimt's The Kiss. Decided to making the image more interesting by playing around with different shapes, the angles of the shapes, and how they all visually looked together as a whole. I was thinking of kaleidoscopes while putting the shapes together. The pattern isn't complex but I liked how simple it looked and the overall image of a flower or sun.

Even though I added a color burn overlay on the background it felt like something was still missing, so I decided to add inner shadows to all the shapes.

I'm glad I tried adding inner shadows because I like the result even more than what it was! Doing so made the image more striking, brought focus on the subjects of the image and the shapes created. I also like how the image looks like a layered papercut image. 

Is there anywhere I can do better? Love to read some comments!


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