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Jessie Macaw

Graphic Designer



The Kinks - Sleepwalker


Starting to build texture:


I have changed the owl and am much happier with hime now. I have started adding texture.

You can see it more in this close shot:

11/05/13 - Digital Illustration

I have decided to follow the shadow option for my digital illustration because I think that it is the most unique. I am still not 100% happy with the owl - I think I need to make him (no idea why it is now a male) look more hand drawn to fit in with the shapes of the trees etc. Maybe a bit more sinister and creepy looking. Would love some feedback and/or advice!

06/05/13 - Sketching

I started by sketching out all of the ideas I had in my head. I like to sit on this stage for a couple of days because I find that that the best ideas come when I am not trying too hard to force them:

I am really liking the look of the last one and the owl one but have decided to start by stetching out the last one. Bascially the idea is to have a sleepwalker at the top of the CD with his shadow cast down the front of the cover. Inside the shaddow I would like to have a dark, moody forest scene:

At this stage I envisage the main background of the cd to be white or a light colour with a light grunge look and the inside of the shadow to be deep, cool colours like midnihgt blues, purples and greys.

And here is the Owl image. I am still trying to decide which I will go with because they are very different looks:

04/05/13 - Decision Making

So I thought it would be really cool to remake an album cover for one of the most influential rock groups; The Kinks. I started by mind mapping all of the different albums they had produced and narrow it down to a few favourites:
Face to Face
State of Confusion
Schoolboys in Disgrace

For this particualr project I have decided to use Sleepwalker because it lends itself towards moody lighting and grunge textures.

Here is my initial research into different looks:


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