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The King's Conundrum.


OK here is an update to my project.

I still have the last two or three vids to watch but this past weekend I made a prototype and tried the game. Here is what I found.

First more clarification on the rules and set up.

Cards: 54 cards total

mice ranked 1 - 10

cats ranked 1-10

dogs ranked 1-10

lions ranked 1-10

elephants ranked 1-10

three king cards

one castle card

Also each set of animal cards has 4 blue cards (even numbers) and 4 pink cards (odd numbers) and 2 yellow cards (9 and 10)


Set up:

Seperate the mice cards shuffle them and deal 8 cards around the castle card. shuffle remainder of deck and deal 5 cards to each player. Take the king cards and place them in deck some where in the botom 1/3, middle 1/3 and top 1/3. Turn the top card over to start a discard pile.

Players may either play a card to the castle, their opponents score pile or draw from the discard. Or draw two cards from the deck. Then to end their turn they must discard.

To collect a card from the castle, play a card from your hand that is the next higher animal and a higher rank. Pick up the card from the castle and put it in your score pile. Then place the card from your hand in its place. To collect a card from an opponent, play a card from your hand that is the next higher animal and a higher rank and place your card in his score pile and take the card you want to collect.

When the king card is drawn remove the lowest animal from the castle

Cards may not be played from your score pile.

After the last elephant is "chased" from the castle score the rank of your cards plus bonuses for collecting sets of the same colored and same animal.


So that is the rough rules that I came up with to start the playtesting.

Playtest 1 report.

I played two hands with just myself to see if this crazy idea would work and i will say it didn't. After setup and dealing the cards all the cat cards where shuffled to the bottom and the king card came up and got rid of all them mice. OOPS. How could I miss the fact that with a random deal the cat cards which you need to chase the mice could end up in the bottom of the draw deck. DUH!!!

Playtest 2

So to fix this problem I thought "lets just deal all the cards, then the cat cards won't be stuck on bottom" so I dealt all the cards in to four hands and started to play. I also left out the kings thinking that I should just see if the basic rules work. But the problem with this game was that you traded the cards in hand for the same rank of card in the castle, so your score at the start was the same as the end and really no choice in which card to take from the castle.

Playtest 3

So I tried again, this time taking out the set up with just mice and randomly dealt animal cards around the castle. Also removed the ristriction of higher rank to take a card and took out the stealing cards from opponents. Finally the scoring was changed to poinst for sets of colors (in the same animal suit) and sequences of cards. This seemed to work well. We set up chains where we would play a card to pick up a card to play that card back down just to get the card we need for a set. But my problem now is that this is now just rummy wiht five animal suits not really what i had in mind for a new card game.

So I am thinking of burning the idea to the ground and starting over. Same theme but explore different mechanics.

My first idea is what if players each had different animals and were fighting to keep their animals in the castle while chasing out the opponents animals? hhhhmmmmmm. I will keep ya posted.


 Well I have decided to go with the game inspired by my kid's book "The King, The Mice and his Cheese.

So to answer the questions Grant posed in the first vid of lesson 4.

Number of players: 2 - 5

Number of cards: I am starting at 54 if I need more I will try to jump to 104 because of ease of   production.

I will be using turns and not rounds.

On a players turn they do one of three things:
     Play a card from hand to the castle area to collect a card from the castle area.
     Play a card from hand to an opponent's area to collect a card.
     Draw two cards from the deck or take the face up discard.

The game ends when the last elephant is chased from the castle area.

The winner of the game is the player with the most points from the cards they have collected.

I have started to layout the cards for prototyping. Need to watch the next vid.

thanks for looking


Hello and welcome to my project!

I have three different ideas for this project and I hope to narrow it down in the next day or so.

General Goals.

  • 2-5 player game
  • 60 minutes or less playtime
  • Light to medium strategy with "take that!" elements

Mechanics I like:

  • Deck building
  • Worker placement (could cards be workers that have bonus effects that trigger off of certain placement?) hhhhhmmmmmm.
  • Set collection

1. Deckbuilder

This idea is one that I have been kicking around for a while now. What if you took a deck builder and added role selection. The twist is that  the deck is the role and instead of building the deck for yourself the deck is shared with other players.

So lets say we had five decks in the center. they are food, building materials, architect, weapons and military. At the start of the round the first player pics a deck followed by each player picking another deck. When you pick a deck/role you receive a resource plus bonus and everyone else receives just a resource. These resources are particular to the deck/role. Using the starting resouces you purchase cards to add to the deck you have and then suffle and play a few hands from the deck collecting more resouces/abilities. These resources/abilities are used to purchase more cards to put in the decks. Then all decks are placed back and a new round begins with everyone picking new decks and purchasing new cards to add to the decks which will give more resources/abilities which are used to build items toward your goal.

I really like the idea but the cons are: very complicated for a first card game and I can't think of a theme that isn't about civ or city/empire building. There are so many of those "get resouces, build your stuff" games already.

I hope maybe this core loop will help get my idea across.

2. Goblin Test Subjects

You have just been hired by the Orc Weapons Testing Lab to test the potentacy of the latest and greatest orc weapons of massive destruction. You and your fellow test subjects will try and survive  the blasts, explosions and general hurtyness of many new weapons, by using the armor, potions and talismans you have sneaked into the lab. The only job perk is that if you make it through the day without dieing then you will be promoted to the Orc Weapons Testing Lab Clean Up Crew.

The idea for this game comes from the stack in MTG.

To start a weapon card is flipped over and tells the players what catagory of damage, how many cards maybe played and the damage order. Players have a hand of cards that contain damage buffs, damage reducers, healing, line manipulation, etc. In turn each player plays card in a row from left to right, trying to divert and reduce the damage to them and increase and direct the damage to the opponents. Only a number of cards maybe played as indicated on the weapon card. After the last card is played the cards played are resolved right to left (last one in is the first one out). Once all cards are resolved the remaining/adjusted damage is distibuted to the players. Object is to be the last one standing.

I really like this idea, fits all my goals and I can kinda see the artwork and the great take that moments as I rearrange the cards in the line to make the damage miss me completely but hose my friends.

3. The King, the mice and his cheese.

This game was inpired by a book I read to my kids last night. The basic story is the king castle is overrun with mice. So the wise men bring in cats to chase the mice away but now the castle is overrun with cats. So the wise men bring in dogs to chase the cats but now the castle is overrun by dogs. So the wise men bring in lions to chase the dogs and then elephants to chase the lions and finally bring back the mice to chase the elephants. I wont spoil the ending if you plan on reading the book sometime. But when I was done I thought " You know I think there is a game in there with the animals chasing other animals." This is what I came up with:

This card game has two mechanics: war and set collection. So the deck has 5 suits, Mice ranked 1 to 12, cats numbered 2 to 13, dogs numbered 3 to 14, lions - 4 to 15 and elephants 5 to 17. The cards colors also. 5 colors across the suits. Also there are maybe 4 or 5 king cards and a castle card. So the game starts with the castle card surrounded by 8 mice cards (dealt randomly) and shuffle the rest of the cards dealing 5 to each player. Now a player may play a card adjacent to the cards around the castle or in an opponents score pile or draw two cards from the draw pile and then discard one card. If playing a card adjacent to a card around the castle it must be of a higer rank than the adjacent card and of the next higher animal, remember mouse beats elephant beats lion beats dog beats cat beats mouse. When you play a card to the castle you pick up the "chased" card and put it in your score pile. game ends when the last elephant is chased from the castle. The object of the game is to collect the most points at the end of the game. Each card in your pile is worth points equal to its rank and bonus points for sets of same colored animals.

I like this game to as it hits my goals, but I am afraid it might be too light on strategy and heavy on luck of the draw.

Well any thoughts? Which is your favorite? Any questions?


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