The King

Elvis on being sick and tabloids.

Started with the hair, and then everything else just followed.


Animating the lipsynch was quite tedius, though it's probably because Elvis has a special way of talking - I wanted to recreate all the mouthes half way through animating!

<Just a note to anyone whos working on their projects now - I fiddled a bit with the illustrator file AFTER I imported, and I found the best way is to stay in After Effects, click on the layer that you want to edit, and click into Edit > Edit Original. This will take you to Illustrator. When you're done, hit save and head back into After Effects, which will auto update. I also found its best not to move anything around, only change stylistic elements like colour or tweak the lines. I couldn't figure out how to add extra layers from the existing illustrator file, so I just created a completely new .ai file and imported that. Hope that helps?>

*Please note audio has been edited from the original. To find the complete speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faCc0ePdgXQ


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