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The Kids are Alright

The Kids are Alright. This phrase has a double meaning for me. As a Dad I am greatful that my kids are truly doing great and I couldn't be prouder. Secondly it reminds me of my days as a teenager when I was an avid fan of British rock bands. For me, it was a great time to be a kid and I thought it would be fun to celebrate in a project. I am thinking perhaps doing something suggestive of a 60s/70s rock concert poster that I can hangup in my daughter's room.

1. Brainstorming... I am thinking of those awkward teenage years but the main focus was having fun 24/7. 

2. My mood board... 

3. My first Lettering Warm Up... I'd like to do more with this before I go further. So far I like the "graffiiti" font the best. Any suggestions would be great!

4. I did a bit more warm up lettering that I inked. I tried different font styles including some more suggestive of the 60s and 70s. I'm still a little undecided on what font(s) to use, but I think I'll have a better idea once I do some thumb sketches of my overall poster design.

5. I've finally gotten around to sketching some thumbnails. I probably detailed some more than I should have. I tried to come up with some poster design ideas with a 60s/70s you can see I was partial to incorporating a groovy frog cartoon character. My kids liked the frog dj with the afro the best. I think I would need to do more with it to develop the sketch. Personally I like 1,4, &6. I"ll probably rough out two of the sketches on some drawing paper and then decide on a final.

6. So I have narrowed down my selection to these two sketches which are pretty close to where I want them. I'm still not 100% decided on which to go with. I also thought both may need a little tweaking. Please give me your comments on the sketches and any tweaking ideas... it would be very helpful. 


7. O.k. so this is my latest sketch of my project. I know it looks like I took a 90 degree turn but I just didn't feel the previous sketches were right. The previous sketches did help, as I have incorporated some of the previous elements. However, I felt the lettering style wasn't quite there and the frog character was too "cartoony". So I went back and looked at more 60s posters and noticed many of the words being in shapes and wavy characters-which had much more of a psychedelic feel that I was looking for. I also wanted to have the observer more focused (or atleast as focused) on the words as on the graphic. I am much happier with this sketch than any other so I am going to start finalizing this drawing. In any case I would still appreciate any comments!  

8. Well this is it! I finalized my drawing and inked it. I just did a couple of changes to my previous drawing. First I changed "The Kids" onto two seperate lines rather than one to make it more readable. I also changed the bottom of the T in "Alright" so as to not confuse it looking like a J. I know there are a couple of ink smudges, but I know I can correct those digitally. I would love to color this digitally but need to learn how to use Illustrator! If anybody knows a good class in skillshare to do this please let me know. Lastly thank you for all past and future comments - it is very helpful so as to get a sense of where one is at! 


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