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The Keller Family

After taking this awesome class, I followed the advice given here and talked to my family, it was very educational.

Here is an initial sketch

And here is the final version and some mock-ups (special thanks to for the free mock-ups.

I'll explain a little my thoughts behind this.

Both my parent's families have great qualities so it was really hard to pick the best ones to represent.

My great-grandfather left Germany to come to Mexico around 100 years ago. He lived and worked in the south part of Mexico, in a beautiful state called "Chiapas", where he and my grandfather worked in a coffee platation, we also as a family love coffee so it had to be one of the things that represented us.

The Mexican coat of arms is beutiful and is one of the symbols that define us as Mexicans, I love Mexico and since my greatgrandfather came here almost all my family members have been born in Mexico.

When my father was younger, he moved to live in Mexico City, the city I was born and I have been living almost my whole life. Mexico's coat of arms shows an Eagle eating a snake, this was the symbol the Mexicas (a prehispanic culture) had to find in order to build their city, they found the eagle and built what today is Mexico City, my hometown. 

Since this is so meaningful to me I wanted to add the Eagle and the Snake to show the amazing country I live in. 

Almost everyone in my family likes too cook and both my grandmothers did amazing dishes, they loved to cook for the family and you could almost always see them with kitchen utensils, so I placed them there as well. 

We all love animals, so it was important for me to put a paw, as a reminder of those amazing four-legged family members we had and have.  

Finally my family has always adored chess, since I was a kid I was always seeing my parents and relatives play on each occation we gathered, so this is also a very important thing in our family. 

I hope you like my project and any feedback is greatly appreacited.


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