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The Kaplan Family Crest

My last name is Lorber, which translates into "laurel", so I really didn't want to design something with a whole lot of laurels on it. So I took my mother's family name, Kaplan, which has a bit more history to it.

The Kaplan's come from Pottsville, PA, a coal mining town, home of Yeungling beer and former home of the Pottsville Maroons, one of the early NFL teams.

During my research, I realized Kaplan meant "tiger", hence the stripes and orange and black colors.

I knew I wanted the laurels to look like wheat, and since my family likes beer, I decided to throw on some bottles as well.

My first few concepts looked a little too much like Mr. Draplin's example, so after some thinking I decided to change my shield shape. Instead of a shield, I thought a coal mining cart could work.

As for the text, "Now Wait" is something my grandmother Hike (pronounced Hike-ee, whose real name was Ida) used to say to us when we became a little too antsy. And Ida and Herm are my grandparents.

As for "That Damn Mosquito" – that represents my grandfather, who about 5 years ago was rushed to the hospital for an unknown reason. After a few weeks in a coma and a number of other tests and illnesses, it turned out he had gotten West Nile Virus. The eldery have almost no change of surviving it, but I'm happy to report he's still alive and kicking. He had to relearn how to walk and talk and read, but he's about 85% back to normal and with therapy he's getting stronger everyday. But whenever he can't do something he used to be able to he always proclaims "that damn mosquito!"


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