The KAR Family Crest

The KAR Family Crest - student project

A little about US:

We come from a small district of Odisha, Bargarh. Our place is filled with greenery like the farms... the trees and the sunlight cutting through the small forests creates a lot of contrast during the sunrise and sunsets... It's really beautiful.

So, My great grandfather came from somewhere else near our place which is not totally clear and settled here. He was a carpenter and I wanted that to symbolize on my logo which is why I thought of adding his carpenter tools to the logo but that didn't go well with my design.

So, instead of adding different tools which a carpenter would use, I added a single element which every carpenter in the world would use - NAILS.

For some reason, I thought of designing my own crest shape too from scratch and it took some experimentation.

Here, take a look at few of the designs.....

The KAR Family Crest - image 1 - student project

The one on the top Right corner was the one which the instructor, Aaron Draplin taught during the class (Wonderful, Instructional and fun Class by the way!!)

Then after a handful amount of experimentation and tweaking, I thought of sticking with the lower right corner one.


The Final Design

I added My grandfather and Grandmother First name on the top banner of the design: Balmukund and Bilasini.

I am blessed with grandparents since a lot of people don't get to see them, I still have them on my side.

The picture on the center represents our Flour mill which we used to have during the 1980's...

The KAR Family Crest - image 2 - student project

And Some other elements Like the MONEY PLANT climbers in front of our home...

I decided to use them as My "LAUREL" in the designs.

The Colors- Mostly sky-ish Blue and some pink which we painted during the renovation of our home.


The KAR Family Crest - image 3 - student project


EDIT #1 : A Little bit of color retouches....                                                                      Date:24/02/19

The KAR Family Crest - image 4 - student project

I got some feedback to retouch the nails and leaves a bit... and so..

I did a slight retouching of the leaves and nails to make them appear more similar to the color schemes of the "shield".

For those of you interested in color schemes:



Thank You...!!

Abhilash Kar

Student Passionate on VFX and Designing