The Jungle in my head

The Jungle in my head  - student project

Day 1: Today I noticed How ungodly I felt my body, as I left my body, every part of me was jiggling as I trod on the surface of my beloved wooden tile floor. It was time for me to wake up and take responsibility. What a silly note I have been sticking to my forehead for the last seven years. The application is daunting. I cannot help it, Why can't I give up on sugar, is too much that I cannot find my happiness and comfort in my body. I have to awaken the real beast inside of me. That noble samurai that keeps on beyond the bloodshot eyes of exhaustion and tears. The samurai usually gets the job done. And I never did. It is time to take care of myself and find the real that is still begging to come out.
I have to locate the time to switch off my terrible daily routine habits, to find the route for my awakening salvation. To find the person I always wanted to be. It is meant for me to be this writer that would awaken the generation, to shift the consciousness of the human psyche beyond fear and agony. To find the truth in fantasy, presented in a palatable form, for everyone to indulge in.

Day 2:

Today I noticed the familiar cold Shadow of my heart slowly shying away. I feel as of last night I had been whispered to. It was some revelation in a way. I had felt like this before; like some small morsels of clarity were offering me so much wisdom and relief. The thing is It started for a painful experience. My daily job or business is a little bit struggling currently. I had a great month in September. However, as I was checking my phone, the figures startled me a little. It was showing some disturbing signs that I might I would be having a slow month in October. However. At that moment, I just had it with myself. I had to stand in front of myself and tell myself that enough is enough. I had to move on this current way of thinking. I had to get out of my way and do something about it. Life is a series of fluctuating events that can incur some damage on your psyche. However, not everyone suffers to the same degree. It was a matter of choice. And my choice was to stop at that moment at that very instant.
I had to enjoy my health and body, To fully accept that not everything should be running smoothly. Life should not be just white, It has to be colorful and vibrant and exciting with failures and ups and downs. I had to start a new path from now on since I am on this new cusp in my life. I was becoming a new person. If I ever wanted to be free, then I had to be responsible. The only true freedom is the in you possess, and you choose for yourself. The freedom of thought.

I can sum it up with one clean line. Enjoy the process, and do not cling to the banks, let the river take to where it wants to. It might show you something good.