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The Joyful Mom Project

When I was 7 my dad died.

As sad as that was for me at the time (and even today) I know in my heart why.  It has taken 40 years for me to figure out the so many whys of my life.  

The Joyful Mom Project allows me to help parents find creative solutions to their everyday glitches.  


After my dad died my mom remarried.  I became the step-sister to an incredibly challenged man--his name was Richie.  I was fluent in sign language at 10, communicating not only with him but many, many others in his group home and school.  I developed at second sense to understanding people who experienced life differently.  

My life has been a series of events that has allowed me to work with kids and adults who have challenges.  My compassion, respect for life, patience, tolerance for difference and intuitive nature have landed me job after job helping others.

As a mother to 4 kids--2 that have some "issues" has given me an new opportunity to expand on a life of finding creative solutions.  I homeschool 3 of my 4 kids and love every minute of it.

My first project for The Joyful Mom Project is a report that will help parents manage kids and electronics.  I have ideas for a "second" project --but I'm waiting for my audience to tell me what they want.

Ideally, I would offer parents one on one homeschooling coaching or discussing what enrichment activites might benefit their child.  As for programs--I really think that kids need learning to be fun and interactive--not boring worksheets that they get in school.  And page after page of coloring!  Coloring is important but learning needs to be meaningful to the child!  I want to offer parents creative solutions to help kids learn in a way that makes sense to them.


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