The Journey: Personal + Inspirations


I'm hoping to explore and expand my ability to compose some rugged photographs while illustrating the ill concept to back it. My photography operates on the innate concept of "The Decisive Moment". That's where all the magic happens. Composition | Contrast | Capture

Below are some of my personal works that somewhat align with this exploration of The Journey

Hanna Debela | Student

| X |

Drew | Beach Bum

Luther Young | Designer

Obey Your Hunger: Never get Comfortable

A self-portait that reminds me to stay hungry during this journey we call life.

Kamron Lamar | Financial Advisor

Caleb Davis | Filmmaker 

Adrienne Wilson | Arts Event Planner 

George Freeman | Web Analytics

Cassy Cortez | Scientist

Chris DeLeigh | Model Entrepreneur 

MOOD BOARD: Inspirations


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