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Rebecca Maguire

Dare to be different!



The Johnsons

The Johnsons...

Mainly based in Atlanta...

Lots of teachers and well educated individuals....
The crest shape came from Emory... where my grandfather taught, my father and aunts attended, and my grandmother supported with her whole heart. 

Thistle instead of laurel... we are of Irish decent... and love flowers!

My grandparents loved playing tennis....

We spent summers in Cuchara, Colorado...

My grandfather passed away before I was born, my grandmother (my inspiration) recently passed. They were avid bird watchers. I added the birds flying away to show they are back together.

The color choice: our cabin colors...

Our family saying (everyone is very social) was "Welcome Friend... to Beaver Bend!" (Beaver Bend is the name of our family's cabin in Cuchara)





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