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The Job Search Guru - Sales Letter

“I used to think I knew how to get a new job, but this time, I can’t even get a freaking interview!”

Yep. I feel ya.

The problem is that times have changed and so has how to find a job. What worked even a few years ago leaves you out in the cold now.

Here’s how we used to do it:

  1. Update your resume again by adding latest job.
  2. Write a business-formal cover letter that recaps your experience.
  3. Pass out resumes and tell everyone you’re looking for a new job.
  4. Apply to every online posting you can, even if it’s a long shot (hey, what the heck, right?).
  5. At interviews, cross your fingers and do your best.
  6. Wait to see if you got the offer.
  7. No? Then rinse and repeat.

Anything in there sound familiar?


If this is how you’re tackling your job search…you’ve got a problem because job hunting ain’t what it used to be.

It’s really tough out there. There’s competition and companies are picky.

The cool jobs with cool companies get hundreds of applications but only choose a few to interview and then… just one person gets hired!

JUST ONE PERSON! Those odds suck!

How can you compete with that so YOU can be THE ONE?

Simple. You learn what you need to know to stand out. And that’s where I come in…

You need a job search guru.

I’ve been inside the hiring world for, well, let’s just say a ridiculously long time. I've helped more than 10,000 people with their job search over the years and I’m still an active recruiter and headhunter.

But most important to you, I help people like you get your proverbial butts in gear.

And get your butt in gear, you must, grasshopper.

If you want to be the one who gets that job, you’re gonna need a few things…

… a clear VISION of what you’re really looking for…

… a bulls-eye RESUME for that SPECIFIC  job

… a FRIENDLY NETWORKING approach that makes people want to help you

authentic INTERVIEW CONFIDENCE that blows away the competition

Luckily, wherever you’re feeling stuck, I’ve got something to help.

  • Need a vision? (Everyone does, you know.)

Be Real is an easy DIY career vision quest that’s not only fun, but it lets you discover what makes you tick so you’ve got your own secret checklist of the ingredients to YOUR perfect job. (I call this your Inner Job Search.)

No matter what else you think you need help with, I’d be a bad guru if I didn’t tell you DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP, grasshopper!

Invest a few bucks and a few hours right now and you'll never think about jobs the same way again. For real.

  • Need a kick-ass resume?

I’ve got plenty of free resume advice in my blogs for those who want to do it on their own – but if you’re really ready to win that job, I’ll work with you to create a one-of-a-kind marketing document... um, resume... that you’d never come up with on your own.

I create resumes that are honest, look gorgeous and show you the way you want to be seen... and THAT means it gets you interviews and builds your confidence.

More confidence, you say? Yes, indeed. A great new resume is like a great new haircut – boom! Job search mojo restored!

  • Need some brainstorming and strategy help?

I know a lot about business and career paths, who gets the job and why, and I can see what’s behind some of your blind spots.

Whether it’s one short conversation to prepare you to negotiate a great salary, or a series of heart-to-heart talks to come up with a whole new career game plan, we’ll sort out what you really want, and give you new ideas for getting there.

Talking to a pro can make a huge difference.

And with me, you get the truth, a fresh look at the whole process and the best cheerleader you’ve ever had.

So if you’re stuck and need some help from a real live Job Search Guru, here’s what to do:

  1. Start by grabbing your copy of Be Real: The Simple Secret to Knowing the Perfect Job for You by clicking the link, scrolling down to the orange “YES! I Want My Perfect Job!” box and purchasing it via PayPal for just $17 (I’ve extended the intro discount period just for you).

    You’ll receive a link to download it instantly, so you can be on your way in minutes. Plus it comes with a bonus workbook and a copy of my book 101 Job Search Secrets!.

    (And like I said.. I think EVERYONE should do this career vision quest, because it changes how you see jobs and what's important to you. New grad, career changer, top executive, whoever and wherever, you will learn from this.)

  2. If your resume needs some help, check out my Resume Services to see which one you think sounds right for you. Then just click the “Get Started” button, which will give you a quick information form so you can tell me about yourself and your situation and we’ll go from there.

  3. If you need some honest professional job search advice, feedback and brainstorming, visit my Let’s Talk Career Coaching page, and the “Get Started” button will take you to the info form. Again, tell me what your challenge is and we’ll go from there.

  4. Overwhelmed or not sure what you need yet? No problem! Shoot me an email at [email protected], tell me what’s up and I’ll get back to you ASAP and we can decide together. No obligation

I'm the guru because what’s daunting to you is simple to me. I’m here to help because your career is a journey, and I want you to enjoy the ride!

To your future,

Leslie Ayres
The Job Search Guru

P.S. If you’ve been following my blogs on NBC Universal’s Work Goes Strong, that site is apparently shutting down, so I’ll be uploading lots of new content on my own blog, Notes from The Job Search Guru. I’m also guest blogging a lot more, too, so spread the word!

P.P.S. Worried about investing in job search help? Do some math to see what the actual payoff might be. Let’s say you get a new job just one week sooner… how much do you earn in a week? $500? $1000? $2000? That’s how to calculate the payoff… and that’s not even factoring in the happiness factor of loving your new job! What are you waiting for?




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