The Iron Lady

Update - March 26

Hi there again!

So here is my final video. I didn't change a lot. Just a few shots that were out focus, and added one extra print. Hope you guys like it. It was a real pleasure working in this project. Thank you Kat for your support and encouragement, and for sharing your knowledge with us!




Hi, Here is my first video attempt:


Please let me know what you guys think.

Thanks, Lu


I'm planning to have my video about my letterpress. I found out about the art and craft of letterpress almost a year ago, and it was the love that I have always searched for.

In the video, I would like to express how much the press is changing my life. 

The voice over will be a little bit around this:

For years, I have been looking for my passion, for a way to express what I think and how I feel.

For years, I have been feeling frustrated because nothing would make my heart beat fast.

And then I saw you. My muse.

It's not only about your curves and your presence in the room, even though these are quite fantastic and worth a spot in a museum. It's about the support you give me every day, every time I need to express a thought or a feeling. But you know better than me that saying things out loud are not the best way sometimes. You make everything sound so beautiful and look so deep. You have been helping me to find my voice, my style.

Thank you Iron Lady. Thank you for being my muse.

Thank you for being my companion for months now, and for giving me reason why I should continue having goals and dreams. For making me believe that I didn't have to see the world through a desk or locked in an aquarium. That there is a lot more out there.

This is my muse. This is my letterpress.


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