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The Invention of Surfing


My story is about the friendship between a young boy and a sea turtle which brings them to the invention of the sport that we now know as surfing (disclaimer: this is, of course by no means the actual history of surfing itself). I don't have the storyboard done yet, so I'm just going to explain it in story mode.

There's this one boy who, because of a traumatizing event when he was a kid, is afraid of water. And that makes growing up near the ocean really difficult for him. He saw his friends swimming in the ocean every day, and he's longing to join and play with them. One day he saw a sea turtle, just hanging out under a palm tree by the beach. He befriended the animal and start talking to it.

Sea turtle: "Why don't you go play with your friends over there?" said the turtle, waving towards a bunch of kids swimming in the ocean.

Boy: "I can't swim. And I'm afraid of water..."

Sea turtle: "Aww, water is not that bad! C'mon, I'll teach you to swim! Hop ony my back!"

The boy hesitated at first, but finally did as told. He was trembling when they got near the water, and holding on to the turtle really tight. SPLOOSH.

Sea turtle: "Heyaa kid, you good there? See, the water is not bad at all!"

The boy, realising that he is now floating in the middle of the ocean, is so surprised that he has finally overcome his fear. He smiled, excited, and start moving his arm forward to swim,

Sea turtle: "Hang on tight, I'm gonna take up speed!" The sea turtle zoom across the ocean like a torpedo. The boy, completely forgotten about his fear and his inability to swim, start standing up on top of the turtle's back and balancing himself. And they surfed all across the middle of the ocean.

All the kids that was swimming, has now stopped doing their activity and were amazed by what they see. They all screaming for the boy to teach them how to do it. After that, the boy has finally overcome his fear of water, learnt how to swim, made a bunch of new friends, and made surfing a new trend, with the help of the sea turtle.

Concept sketches for the boy and the turtle. More to be updated.

The boy, showing his fear of water and how he desperately wants to go in, but can't get himself to do it.

The turtle. Right now he still has the basic shape of an actual sea turtle, but i'll try to play with the shape and designs more.


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