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Debbie Hart

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The Instagram Images I've Posted So Far

UPDATE: Just wanted to add that my Instagram name is debhartsart (Deb Hart's Art).

I've posted three different images on Instagram from my PC with the desktop app since installing it. I find this app very handy since I don't have a smartphone and my iPad mini died a few months back (and even with the iPad, I found taking photos of my art with it a pain since I usually just scan my art into my PC with a scanner and it looks way better that way)!

Even though I have an Instagram account, I haven't actually used it all that often yet. I'm an artist, and I've posted a few photos of my art there, but wasn't using it regularly since it was inconvenient for me when all my photos were mostly on my PC.

The vast majority of my art is rectangular, but I first cropped this fox drawing to be a square before posting it a few weeks back: 


For the second image I posted, I installed from the Google Play app store and used the free "No Crop and Square" app that lets you make your images square without cropping them (I used to use a similar app on my iPad before that):


I then thought about it and realized that square images just look way better on Instagram and that I might have to take this into account when doing future Instagram posts. 

Finally, just yesterday, I took a suggestion presented in Skillshare's marketing class and made the following square image to market my class on Instagram:



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