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The Inspired Dreamers

Programme Title: The Inspired Dreamers (What's Your ID?)

Genre: Documentary

Length (mins): 1 x 60’

Target Audience: Women aged 25-54 years

Channel: Female

Suggested time slot: Evening

Logline: A film that follows the inspiring journey of a group of women who make the trip of a lifetime to see one of the most successful women in entertainment history – Oprah Winfrey.

The Inspired Dreamers is a documentary that delves into the lives and mindset of a group of women from the UK and South Africa as they aim to discover who they are, what it takes to follow your dreams, the keys to success and how to live your best life.

These are women from different races and backgrounds but all with the same desire to move forward in life and make a difference in the world. These are the leaders of the future and their journey begins now.

Synopsis: The idea originated from Natalie Brown, the creator of the Time With Natalie show, an online lifestyle/talk show which helps you to maximise your time and create a life which balances work, rest and play. Under the ‘Time For …’ concept (time for work, time for relationships, time for health etc), the show is aimed at profiling positive stories and has featured interviews with prestigious guests such as Stedman Graham (Oprah’s partner).

Natalie takes 17 women to Los Angeles to spend a day with Oprah and her team to seek the inspiration and motivation they so desperately desire. Having attended ‘O You’ twice, Natalie felt the urge to share this amazing experience with others and give them a chance to spend some ‘time with Oprah’.

The Inspired Dreamers:

  • Delves into the lives of a group of women as they search for inspiration and motivation at Oprah Winfrey’s O You! event in Los Angeles

  • Features interviews with Gayle King and some of Oprah's experts

  • Shares with you the mindset and insights into facing your fears and overcoming challenges

  • Teaches you the importance of being courageous and following your dreams

A documentary that asks the questions - what's your ID?

A trailer can be viewed at


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