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The Indefatigable Frog


"The Indefatigable Frog" by Philip K. Dick

The synopsis, from Wikipedia:

"The story centers around two college professors, Hardy and Grote, who argue about one of Zeno's Paradoxes, called The dichotomy paradox, where a frog wants to get up from a well, but each jump is half of the previous one. That way, Hardy argues, the frog will never exit the well, while Grote argues the opposite: that the frog will eventually escape from the well.

The Dean of the college wants to settle this age-old paradox and instructs the two professors to create an experiment with the frog. Hardy and Grote do exactly that: they send the frog down a large tube and subject it to an energy field which reduces the size of the frog in half for each leap. The frog eventually becomes so small that it disappears. Grote goes into the tube to figure out what happened, while Hardy flicks on the switch, forcing Grote down the tube. Grote is halved in size as he progresses, and the smooth floor of the tube eventually becomes huge rocks and boulders as he nears microscopic size. Grote disappears, and Hardy claims that the frog never made it across and that he was right. In the end, Grote -- and the frog -- became so small that they passed through the molecules of the tube, away from the field and back to their original size."


This is the best I could do.


Keywords to take from the story are frog, tube, science, pardox, small, size.

I had different ideas on how to play up the ideas of size and the tube in relation to the frog. Initially, I sketched a series of frogs, each getting 50% smaller across the cover, the next was tube with a frog in it... moving up the cover... then i played with an idea where the text actually gets bigger/smaller, but felt it wouldn't work because the the title is only 3 words long and "indefatigable" is hardly a commonly used word that would lend itself to being split into multiple lines. I thought maybe just a hand frog print would work, inside what we might compare to a colorblindness test, as a dual symbolism for the molecules that the frog eventually passes through, and the inability for each professor to see how the other interprets the paradox of the frog. Other ideas were explored, and I tend to prefer a more minimalist approach which ultimate led to my final design.


The final design was a bit of a hybrid of o couple different sketches, and shows a frog in the center, with the author's name vertically in big, white letters, to represent the tube, as the author is creator of the story and the tube is the tool which the story requires to test the central thesis. the title of the story is written small, to capture the essence of the ever decreasing in size frog in the story.

UPDATE 10/24/2014:

I developed the "molecule" concept into a cover. I think the idea has potential, but I still like the simplicity of the one above. This one feels too much like it implies the frog is a sinister creature, but it is not.


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