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                                                      THE INCORPORATED CLOTHING

  • its ken griffey jrs backwards hat
  • it's a payton to kemp alley-oop
  • it's hella, it's dope, it's sick, it's filthy
  • it’s designing instead of doing homework
  • it’s doing anything instead of homework
  • it's headaches and tight lungs, regrets and lost memories, mistakes, a ton of mistakes
  • it's lust, for women, for money, for success, for a name, it sucks, but it’s part of human nature to thirst for those things.
  • it’s waking up early to go to a job you don’t like and working all day, then coming home and getting back to work on what we love. It’s a lot of work.
  • it's doing it all yourself, taking the photos, shooting the videos, learning to sew, learning to print, we've got so many talented homies, why would we go to someone outside the circle for shit we can do ourselves?
  • it's remaining a kid at heart. this world makes you cold, spiteful, unimaginative. we fight that.
  • it's speaking for a generation. if youre not from it, you won’t get it. ‘89-‘90 is where we're from and who we represent.
  • it's revolutionary. we dont make clothes just to make clothes, we make them to make statements, we want things to change. we want things to get better, to progress
  • It’s all those times they said drawing isn’t a class, painting isn’t homework, designing a t-shirt isn’t studying. 
  • It’s them telling me to get a business degree or become a lawyer. 
  • It’s us not listening, and it’s counting their money as they walk off in a shirt with our logo on the back

This is The Incorporated.

I began The Incorporated during my sophomore year of college, as a way to share my art and create a brand under which my friends and I could experiment with fashion, film, music, and more.  Four years later, with piles of past shirts, memories, experiences and lessons, we and are excited about our best collection yet, “Straight from the Slums of ‘89&’90.”  Our brand, as well as this collection, is dedicated to growing up in the Northwest during the 90’s: a mixture of Ken Griffey Jr. and Gary Payton, Tony Hawk and Randy Mulllen, Biggie and Tupac, Graffiti and Saturday cartoons, all through the lens of Seattle and Portland.  With a team born in 1989 and 1990, we want to represent our generation, both the good and the bad, the ugly and the beautiful.  In the 90’s, we weathered wars and poverty, technology and progress, great heroes and untimely deaths.  The Incorporated saw all of this, and now it is our job to reflect on what we have seen, remind others of what we have been through, and relive it through our designs.

We, not just The Incorporated, but all young people, are the “Founding Fathers of the Current State.”  It is no longer the heroes of the past that we must revere, but those who will build our future.  The Incorporated hopes to influence and change, to inspire every “founding father” who looks to build a better “current state.” 


Rather than have an icon and a wordmark, we have decided to go with both in one.  

From a grain of rice to a billboard on the moon, The Incorporated's got it all.



"Straight from the Slums of ‘89 & '90"Collection 


“Straight from the Slums of ‘89&’90” is a collection that comes straight from the decade that raised us.  With imagery drawn from wars and revolutions, local sports heroes Clyde Drexler and Shawn Kemp, hip-hop, and our hometowns, this collection is a look at what it was like to grow up in the 90’s.  I will give some explanation for the meaning of each piece, as it is important to us that each design should be able to stand alone and say something individually. 

Video Lookbook


Collection Samples, Images & Explanations

- "1989 & 1990" T’s - $25 – Many of my most vivid memories from the 90’s are of watching CNN with my parents as they documented some new war or revolution or violent uprising.  I took these memories and created these 2 t-shirts, the 1990 and the 1989.  The 1990 shows an oil refinery burning in Kuwait from the 1st Gulf War, which started in 1990. The 1989 is an image of protesters taking over a tank during the Romanian Revolution that waged through 1989.  These shirts show the military complex of the 90’s, and remind us that we still see these battles across the world today.

- "Think Outside the Box" T - $25 – The title of the greatest streetwear brand is often debated, but to me, Supreme takes the championship belt.  Born in 1994, they have become the epitomy of rebellious youth and style.  That being said, despite the efforts of 100’s of other brands, there will only be one Supreme.  I created this “Think Outside the Box” design to remind others to do something new, and to think outside of the classic Supreme box logo.  Instead of flipping a luxury designer or plastering FUCK over everything, use their ideas to inspire something new and unique.

- "22’s" Crewneck - $60 – For any sports fan, especially those in the NW, Clyde “The Glide” Drexler is a one of those players you tried to play like in your backyard.  The perfect mix of style and skill.  A kid from the 90’s could also never forget the rise of the Houston hip-hop movement, and the big rims that rolled down the block in videos like “Still Tippin;.”  I took both of these inspirations combined them into our “22’s” crewneck, where the 22” rims shine through Clyde’s iconic Blazers Jersey.

- “Stand by Me” Hoody - $40 – My favorite line from this classic movie, Stand By Me, goes “I’ve never had any friends like the ones I had when I was 12… Jesus, does anyone?”  This always struck me as true, and speaks to the fact that we have a very tight, loyal crew.  In this collection devoted to our  youth, I took this image from one of the first movies I ever saw where they talked about “tits” and combined it with our logo, to signify that the youth are leading the culture.  

- “Used to Love Her" Denim and Flannel - $60 – Common’s masterpiece, “I Used to Love H.E.R.” is a classic song released in 1994.  It chronicles his love/hate relationship with the genre, and I have always been touched by this amazing “love story.”  I used a classic movie poster from The Graduate and put the words “I Used to Love Her” over her eyes, combining Common’s lyrics with this Romantic classic to describe many people’s thoughts about the current state of hip-hop.

- "Hidden Beauty" Flannel - $60 - Using the traditional Islamic Burqa and a skyline full of mosques, I have masked a number of fine arts masterpieces from Warhol, Picasso, Frida Kahlo and more.  All famous paintings of women, this is a statement about the beauty we miss in everyday life.  

- “Had a Grill in ’88” Bandanas - $15 – “I had a grill in ’88, y’all are late…”  These lyrics by Jay-Z are a reminder of the cyclical nature of trends and styles.  Every rapper and celeb has a grill these days, from A$AP to Amanda Bynes, and rather than get caught up in this “new” trend, I wanted to shout out a couple of my heroes who were onto this decades ago, Jay and Wu-Tang's ODB. 

THANKS FOR YOUR TIME! Thanks for Jeff and everyone else who made this great class a reality!  It's been so inspiring seeing all of your work, I hope to hear from some of you.  The Incorporated is always open to projects and collaborations, so hit us up!

Mark McGinnis

The Incorporated

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