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The Imperfect Path

The Imperfect Path

Since I am brand new to (and a bit afraid of) blogging, all of the teacher's points resonated strongly with me, so I am glad my daughter encouraged me to take this class.  It helped me to decide that yes, a blog is exactly what I need to achieve my goals.

The Imperfect Path describes my journey well - I am a 56 y/o mother of four, with many twists and turns in life.  I have had many health challenges of my own, have been a stay-at-home mom, caregiver, and worked part time while completing a BA from Kansas State University.  I recently became certified as a Functional Nutrition Coach from the Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology and also BioIndividual Nutrition pracitioner through Nourishing Hope for Kids (with autism). 

I was motivated to complete this 2-year coursework and certification by my continued desire to find answers for my third child, who has Autism Spectrum Disorder.  As a mother, providing healing nutrition, supplements, and therapies for school age children is very different than doing the same for our young adults.  Once they "leave the nest", it's a game changer.  Often their diet and health suffers, and along with that downward spiral comes a decline in already impaired brain function.

My daughter is currently living in an excellent residential open-campus academy for young adults, but her progress there in 4 years has been limited. I believe that this may be due to the lack knowledge about the nutritional and supplemental support people with ASD need.  90% have the MTHFR gene, which hinders a detoxification and neurotransmitter process called methylation.  Methylation responds to specific protocols of diet and supplementation.  My desire is for this blog to help provide research opportunities and fund studies that can be conducted with volunteers on the autism spectrum at this facility and others like it.

My Purpose: The Imperfect Path is an inspiring, educational, and informative blog focused on providing options to practitioners, mothers, and caregivers so that individuals on the Autism Spectrum can live full and productive lives.  I help practitioners and mothers to discover and create nutritionally supportive custom protocols and healing environments for those on the Autism Spectrum to gain the skills they need to live and function independently.

Business Reasons

  • Become known as a Subject Matter Expert in the fields of MTHFR, Methylation, BioIndividual Nutrition, Nutritional Endocrinology, Conventional, and Alternative Therapies, for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disability.
  • Increase business contacts to further my research, experiments, and findings
  • Create hope for people with ASD through Content Marketing
  • Develop content for articles, presentations, and books in the field of ASD
  • Earn money by advertising, affiliate marketing, or selling in order to fund studies and research, starting with my daughter's school.
  • Offer coaching consultations and packages to those seeking help for someone with ASD or to improve their own health.
  • Become a consultant for ASD residential facilities and set up programs to customize and optimize nutrition and supplementation.
  • Ultimately create a residential facility that will provide a customized nutrtition, supplement, and lifestyle protocol for individuals with ASD for optimal healing and to live independently.
  • Find sponsors and investors who will help to acheive the above reasons/goals.

Personal Reasons

  • Champion my 24 y/o daughter's journey with autism - what worked, and what didn't - in hopes of connecting with other researchers, practitioners, and parents of those with ASD
  • Raise social awareness that the ever-growing percentage of teens and young adults with ASD are tomorrow's potential homeless population.
  • Discover and try new brain healing modalities, introduce them to the public, and report on their effectiveness with Jill and other
  • Create an open forum where others can share their successes and challenges
  • Express ideas and thoughts on autism, parenting, self-care for caregivers, and ways to manage stress
  • Continue to learn about the topic of ASD by teaching others through webinars and articles
  • Have an outlet for creativity - enjoy sharing some of my passions in life that are stress busters, like needlework, knitting, gardening, tennis, fashion design, animal rescue, energy medicine,
  • Document experiences for nostalgia - this blog will actually be a nice "journal" for my children and grandchildren to get to know me better.


  1. Create a content calendar
  2. Write a minimum of 1 blog post/day for the next 30 days, including an affiliate link in each post.
  3. Get blog up and running by Aug 30.
  4. Appear on Back to School - "Off to College" radio show that I've been invited to do by Sept. 15.
  5. Create a proposal for a study to be conducted at Scenic View Academy commencing Fall term by Sept. 30
  6. Give a PowerPoint presentation to SVA - presentation on Insulin Resistance to students teaching them how to monitor blood glucose.



  • Primarily female pracitioners, mothers, and caregivers - I listed practitioners first, because one good practitioner can influence several mothers/caregivers, but one mother who has achieved success may not have the skills or resources to share the information.

  • 20 - 80

  • Researchers, Practitioners Caregivers, Parents, Family Members, Social Workers

  • Worldwide - that's why I chose the Internet

  • Those who listen to internet podcasts, radio shows, read blogs, and attend webinars in search of answers for their young adults.

  • Economically commited to the mindset of making the investment of helping those with ASD achieve success


  • Curious about the root cause of why modalites do/don't work for Autism

  • Value research, data, facts, and studies.  Also value relationships, preserving the dignity of individuals with Autism

  • Not afraid to think "outside the box", willing to try spiritual approaches to healing

  • Eager to pursue new hobbies and past times and explore new passions

Brittany is a 40-year old Naturopathic practitioner, who also has a college age son on the Autism Spectrum. Many of her clients have families who are touched in one way or another by either ADD, ADHD, Asperger's, or another disability on the spectrum.  While autism early intervention programs are cropping up in many states, now she is frustrated by the lack of adequate support, research, and funding for teens and young adults. with ASD.

Brittany listens to the latest podcasts, telesummits, and webinars in hopes of finding answers for her son.  She is specifically looking for a residential facility that would provide regular testing for progress markers, as well as an individualized and customized protocol to get to the root cause of her son's low sensory processing speed.  She reads and comments on blogs in order to stay up with the most current and cutting edge reserch available in this rapidly changing field.

Brittany is also looking for ways to relieve the daily stress of her life - for fun activies, recipes, and hobbies that will help her to achieve exquisite self care on her days off.  She is also looking for uplift and inspiration to enjoy the journey in The Imperfect Path towards finding joy in each moment.


professional - esoteric = educational

motivating - woo woo = inspiring

helpful - confusing = informative

witty - comical = credible

verbose - rambling = concise


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"Sign Posts" or "Trail Markers" (Evergreen) - Wholesome Things Wellness Corner - Health news, MTHFR news, Protcol Templates

"Layovers", "StopOvers" or "Destinations" - (Events) - Radio Shows, Podcasts, Presentations, Webinars, Healing Kitchen

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