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The Impact of What I Eat

I work as a dietitian, so not surprisingly, I spend a lot of time thinking about food! Hopefully, this will be a start to creating many more food-related infographics. 

For this project, I want to focus on what I ate for lunch last week + maybe snacks as well. 

What is the impact of what I eat?


- My health = # of calories, vitamins, minerals...emotional/mental health

- My Wallet  = $$ to prepare 5 days of lunch

- My Time = time to purchase, prepare, and pack my lunch for the week


- The environment

- Those who pre-cooked/packed, distributed to my grocery store before I purchased my ingredients

I have very limited info on the external impacts (it would require a lot more research!), so I might make up some information for the sake of this project. 

Just some notes I jotted/ want to include in this. Cleaner layout to come. 


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