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The Illusions of Alice Hindman

Selected Text:  I chose to adapt the short story "Adventure" from Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson.  This is my first time writing a screenplay and this story spoke to me with it's themes of love and loneliness. While it's not necessarily a tragedy, it certainly is sad realizing Alice's strong desires “to have something beautiful come into her rather narrow life”.  This optimism actually leads her towards a life of illusions and fantasies. She finally has to face that her life will never be exciting and that she may live and die alone.  I think this is something realized by many at some point in their lifetime.  The fear of living a mediocre life.

My first approach was to have flashbacks to her time with Ned, but after writing a few pages, I didn't feel the story had much impact.  I wanted to focus on Alice's mental state; her running through the rain naked seemed to lead to a breakdown of sorts and I wanted this to be the focal point showing her anguish.

This being my first screenplay, I learned alot from both James and Vince and followed their advice about focussing on one character and staying true to the story.  Unfortunately I ran out of time and didn’t give my classmates the opportunity to give me feedback before the deadline.  I also realized I need to work on and improve my descriptive writing.  My goal with this course was to write and learn.  It was a great experience.

Tagline:  Illusions of an exciting life chip away at a young woman’s sanity until she reaches a dramatic breaking point.

Final draft:


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