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The Ikey Family

I know crests usually represent entire bloodlines but mine only is for my immediant family. My parents were married back in 1992, and being born in 1995, I was the first of four brothers.

I started out with a few scetches and ideas on a pad. I knew I wanted to shaw tribute to a few core elements such as Colorado. I just put together a few simplistic mountains and was satisfied with it. I chose to symbolize Colorado in my crest because our family travels up there from our confusing Texas weather every year. Sometimes twice a year even. Some of our best memories took place there which makes it a very special place for us.

But before that, I started with the basic shape. This part didn't really have much reason behind it other than it happened to look cool in my eyes and when I asked my parents what they thought of it, they also like the shape over a few others I was considering.

After I had gotten the basic shape down, I worked on the mountains you see above and then moves on to the hourglass. The hourglass represents the endless quality time that our family spends together. For us and especially for my dad, family time is the most precious thing in the world. Without it, everything else is meaningless. 

I've skipped around a little I think because I remember the cross being one of the first things I made. It was also one of the simplest things I made. Yet it is the most important one of all. It simbolizes the Christian values this family has and it symbolizes the hope Jesus Christ gave us. 

The lion face which represents strength and bravery was deffinitely the toughest thing I designed and preobably the thing I'm least pleased with in the entire crest. The lion is too childish and cartoony to fit with the rest of the regal theme about the crest in my opinion.

The crown proped up on the top right also took me a bit to create but I'm very satisfied ith it.

Along with the shape of the shield, The only other thing that didn't have a whole lot of meaning to it was the laurel. Both are purely for looks.

And here's the overall evolution of how my crest formed. I tried to keep everything live which I don't usually do, mostly because I never thought about it in the past.

And this is the final product!

Oh! And "Ikey Boys Four" is an inside joke. My parents used to change the wifi code when we were kids as punishment instead of grounding us or whatever. And Ikeyboys4 would be the password they used for it when they wouldn't tell us.

I'm still not sure about the colors either but for now, I'm sticking with red. 


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