The Identity of the Now

The information provided in the course has been very helpful in finding the place of the true self.

Our everyday life makes us cynical and makes us forget the real nature of who we are, the important questions that define our soul and our internal peace.

The exercise in the video gave me a sense of relaxation and an empty mind, letting go of the past the present and the future was not simple at first. The deeper I went, the more I was able to focus and let go. 

The realization that my true self is always there was a sudden revelation, especially knowing that we all can go to that place and find peace of mind, appreciating the now.

The identity of the now is a self-discovery that magnifies every experience in our life. We become aware and absorbed in what really matters, and we look in that place where nothing and nobody can change.

I appreciated the opportunity given by Emerelle. 

I will keep an open and conscious mind in a continual state of becoming because we are never done, we must always move forward to learn and grow.