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The Identical Life

Hi there everybody! My name is Kadir, I'm 19 years old, and I'm hoping to be a successful cartoonist one day! I've been drawing since I was 2 or 3, I believe and I haven't regret it since. I usually base my characters off of myself, and my brother too. Oh yeah before I say anything else, I should also mention that I'm a twin! Being a twin is definitely interesting, and I've been wanting to base off our lives into some sort of a webcomic, but I always seem to have trouble coming up with an idea or how to start if off, and then I just end up having artist's block for the rest of the day. So not fun! Thankfully, I found this lesson though! So I'll start with a couple of sketches and stuff.

These are just a few of many drawings of myself. My name Kadir and the character Kadir aren't exactly the same though. Character Kadir comes off as more of a sarcastic and sardonic person, who doesn't like a lot of things, people being one of them, so naturally he has a scowl and a negative personality around himself. Now you're probably wondering about my twin brother right? His name is Jovan, and I think this drawing I did can describe the relationship between us perfectly.

Hahaha, see, you kinda get it right? Twins are usually supposed to be the same, but in these characters that I've based off of me and my twin, they're opposites. One wears a hat, while the other has a big, poofy afro. One likes red, one likes blue! One is cranky and ironic, while the other one is more happy-go-lucky and friendly. I do have that part of this down, it's after this that kinda leaves me stumped on how to begin. But, next update will include more of a concise model sheet! Thanks for taking a look at this, and expect more from me soon!


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