The Ice Wept

The Ice Wept - student project

I've tweeked the final project a bit:  

Final Project:

I've adjusted the audio somewhat.  It's a little bit better than the draft.  Thanks for the help, James.

The draft is below.

Final Project (draft):

I have no idea how to lengthen a piece of music by splitting into two pieces, copying a portion of it, then joining all three pieces so that it's seemless.  You will hear where I had an issue in this week's project. 

The Ice Wept - image 1 - student project


Week 2:

I incorporated last week's product as a compound clip.  If I had included the other carvers, I think this week's piece would have been too long.  The compound fits somewhat (?) but it needs some TCL.  I'm not confident with how to properly adjust the audio levels.  Also, in my compound clip, the main story line was longer than the outpoint of the very last clip.  I didn't know how to move the very end of the storyline/board to match the end of the very last clip.  So, there's a few frames of pure black at the very end of the compound clip.  

The Ice Wept - image 2 - student project


Week 1:

The Ice Wept - image 3 - student project