The Ice Festival - The Final Cut

The Ice Festival - The Final Cut - student project

I browsed through the footage to get an idea of what I could focus on.  Dan's interview dialog worked after choosing favourite segments of the clips and putting them together.  After getting a rough cut, I used some of the footage from the 'Cutting' Folder and then in the 'B-Roll' folder for footage that would go with the dialog.  Getting it to fit exactly 30 secs was a challenge.  I noticed the 'speed change' area in Andrews interface overview video and played with some of the clips to get them to fit.  Final Cut shows you your total footage as you drag the edge of a clip and lets you know when you've get your target time!

Here's the result:

This is great fun!  I'm enjoying this.  I can't wait to try other versions using different clips.  

After completing my version, I tried looking at what others have done so far - it's great to watch different interpretations of the same footage and see work from fellow students - they've done a great job.

Thanks for organizing this Andrew - what a great idea!

I can't wait to learn more!

Here's a screenshot of the timeline.  The final video is still converting!

The Ice Festival - The Final Cut - image 1 - student project

Manayunk Ice Festival - Take Two   (I hope this link works - Vimeo is converting it right now and I've gotta leave.)

Sorry for the late submission - I been overloaded at work and just haven't had the time to get at this.  

I picked a different sculptor than last time, Kevin, and since there was more time allowed, tried to get the footage to make a trailer.   I used the Documentary Theme in FCPX and tried to overlap the titles with the dialog hoping to get a J & L cut effect.  I used a Pixel Film Studio Prolumetric 3 effect to make it look like the sun was behind the building while he was working.   I used a compound clip so I could use a cross-dissolve between carving footage on a secondary story line otherwise I couldn't get the dissolve to work.  Audio levels seem pretty easy to manipulate in FCPX - I used the Range tool to highlight the closing title area and raise the music track.  It was hard to choose an effect that wouldn't take away from the focus of the footage. Most of the effects worked against this.  The Prolumetric 3 seemed to compliment it but it took a while to learn how to use it. I wanted it to look like the sunlight was coming from behind the building.  Whew!  I've still got a month-end to finish off at work but can't wait to work on the final week's lessons!  Thanks for your patience Andrew - I appreciate it.  Here's a screenshot of the timeline:

The Ice Festival - The Final Cut - image 2 - student project

Manyunk Ice Festival - Final - March 24, 2013

I've learned so much from your tutorials Andrew.  This was a GREAT learning experience.  Thanks for showing the hidden features in FCPX - there sure is a lot more than at first appears!  Although I was rushed for time (I literally started this final project this evening) I managed to use what many of the features you taught us.  It's a testiment to how quickly you can learn this software and how quickly you can work with it.  I can't wait to go out and shoot my own project now!  Thanks for all your hard work and enduring our learning curves.

I was able to use your tip on marking the beats of the music to mark where the video should cut, how to slip the footage to better match the pacing, how to make composite clips, how to use Title Themes.  I'll definitely be using more of your tutorials to continue growing.  Please let me know where I can still improve - I'm all ears.

Many thanks,


The Ice Festival - The Final Cut - image 3 - student project