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Mary Ellen Larter

Artist, Writer & Designer



The Hustle

The phrase I've chosen is "Good things come to those who hustle.

I liked this phrase because it makes me think of two things: working and disco dancing. 

The application I've chosen is for a print / poster. I think it will make a nice addition to my currently barren cubicle wall. I want it to be fun and motivating.

I brainstormed different words that came to my mind when I thought of "good things" and "hustle". I stuck with words and textures that made me feel positive or motivated.

I've started gathering inspiration on a pinterest board that you can find here:

To start with I've decided to focus on the words "Good things" first. This is my mood board for that piece of the project. 


Typography Warm Up 1:



Today I got some ideas down for the word "hustle" and added images to my pinterest board that came to mind when I thought of the word hustle. There's a screen shot of part of my board below. You can see the entire thing here:

Not much in the way of the typography warm-up. Just enough for me to think some things through. 



I liked the concepts with neon signs, disco balls, and movement with the letters.

My favorite thumbnails so far are the first, second, and fourth sketches on the second page. I imagine the first one in bright colors (yellows, oranges, and a hot pink maybe). The second one I was trying to make the entire thing circular, with the top part being sun shaped and the bottom part like a disco ball. I also like the last sketch, where I see "Good Things" as very ornate or scripted on a blue banner. I think it could be a cool contrast to the disco ball behind it. 


My sketch:

I decided against the overly ornate lettering in the banner, and took out the birds (for now). I added some details to the word hustle and plan on using bright colors there.


May 19 update:

Inking & Digitizing

I inked my drawing in two layers - the lettering and the disco ball. 


I tried a few different color options. I like the teal the best. 



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