Brittany Rypkema

Ad Student & Interactive Producer



The Hustle (I got a "yes"!)

I am a senior advertising student who will be graduating in December and looking for a job as a producer in an digital ad agency. I currently live in Lincoln, NE but I'm trying to connect with people all over the country so I can maybe try out a new city someday! I've been busy connecting this week. Here's what I've been up to:

The Task: Follow three people or companies

What I did:

I signed up for a newsletter from a strategist I admire and follow on Twitter. (

I followed several new people on Twitter with job titles I'd like to have at digital agencies. (

I followed some new companies, like CP+B and Big Spaceship on LinkedIn so I can read about job postings and be more aware of skills I might need when I start my job hunt. (

The Task: Try one new social media platform

What I did:

My online presence currently includes a personal site with links to all of my social media accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Pinterest) so I thought the only thing I was really missing was an active blog.

I haven't gone live yet, but I am in the process of building a blog on Squarespace to link to on my personal site ( I will use it to share ideas about industry trends and current projects I'm working on so it can be somewhat of a portfolio. I have created a posting schedule and I plan on writing 3 times per week. I'll update this once it's up and running!

The Task: Find two events to attend in the next month (and attend at least one!)

What I did:

I signed up for two networking events in my town, one on February 13 and one on March 2.

The first one is a networking "speed-dating" event for Valentines Day on my campus where entrepreneurs, coders, designers, business people and marketers can connect and share ideas. 

The second event is a local professional networking event and "un-conference" called Awesome Camp ( I am so excited to hear from the speakers and shake some hands, especially now that I am prepared to follow up with people I meet. 

The Task: Write one email to a hero (and send it!)

What I did:

I wrote an email to an alum from my school who had the same internship as me a couple of years back. She's had an awesome career since she graduated and I asked her if she'd be up for Skyping or chatting so I could ask her about her job and how she got it. I was so excited to hear back from her and we have a Skype chat set up for tomorrow night! 

The "Yes":


I had an awesome hour-long conversation with my new connection and she is helping me to connect with people who have helped her out in her career. This Skillshare class/project was exactly what I needed to get inspired to start making things happen for myself. Thanks so much, Emilty. 


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