The Hurrier I go, the Behinder I get :(

Hi! I'm Jeanne. I loved the idea of playing with letters and watercolor paints and even though my schedule is already spilling over who could resist a fun little project that you can learn about in only 15 minutes. Well, you know how that goes! I convinced myself I could use stolen minutes to jump into the easy project. I could choose a font in Mac Word and quickly type out the alphabet and print it in two seconds and use my lightbox to trace the letters onto watercolor paper in a jiffy. Right?

I decided on Apple Chancery, Upper Case in size #72. But, after printing it out, I was afraid I couldn't paint that small so I cut apart the letters and grouped them in small batches on the copier bed, enlarging them at 300%. Lookin' real fine. I spaced them nicely and traced them onto three sheets. What fun! 


So, there I was feeling very satisfied with my progress when I got that sinking feeling as I realized I don't have clue how to get one page loaded onto Illustrator, let alone THREE! Ugh! I watched the 15 minutes of videos again and all the various notes from Amarilys and finally found where she recommended sticking with one page, or I'd need to do it using InDesign. To make matters worse, I noticed (seriously?) that my water color paper was larger than my copier/scanner bed! No way. No way around it. Scrap that idea until another day.

Quickly back to Word. Quickly found Comic Sans (fallback, basic...kept reminding myself this is only a quick project to master the process, doesn't have to be a major work of art...) and typed out the lower case alphabet in Bold using size #72. I patted myself on the back for remembering to place the letters on the page near the top and to the far left so when I enlarged them, they'd tuck into the corner of the copier field easily. Brought them up to 300% and Voila! Not having a plan yet, I added an exclamation point in case I want to exclaim something :) 

Allrightythen. Here's my second go at it (after spending another ridiculous amount of time figuring out how to post the assignment, duh, and find my photos to upload...before the witching hour tonight): 


Reminders to self:

  • Photos are in "Media", then search Albums and scroll down to most recent, dummy.
  • This is playtime. Learn the process. Master the techno stuff.
  • Love being inspired by everyone's posts in the Project Gallery! They make it all look so quick and easy.

Phew! Made it! (above posted Sept. 23rd)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Next up: Painting. (posted Saturday, Sept. 26...a day late and a dollar short!):

OK. Nothing fancy but it was soooooo much fun dabbling in watercolor paint! A real learning curve for me as I haven't so much as had a brush in my hand for ions (save for painting shells and rocks with my little grand kiddo this past summer) and I've only had experiences with oils and acrylics in the past. You can easily see I've got lots to learn here. Totally overworked the "w"! to the point where I even think some of the paper was decomposing :(  

I'm so addicted already, though! Love, LOve, LOVE it!!! More play will help me with brush control, and experimenting with the amount of water needs more attention. Initial wetting: too much water or too little? Then, the amount of paint relative to water in brush? Puddling? Making smooth transitions between colors? Learning what to expect from this new medium...

Best parts: So easy to set up and go! Grab those cute little tubes of paint, a dish, a glass of water and a brush. I'm there! Instant gratification! Thank you, Amarilys!



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