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Mariel A.

Graphic Design/Illustration/Art Direction from PDX



The Hurd Family Crest

I decided to focus on my mom's side of the family, since we're not really close with my dad's side. Most of them live in Chicago, although my family lives in Oregon and few great aunts and cousins live in Texas. 

I wanted to incorporate a tent into my crest, because ever since I can remember, we've been having "Camp Bugaboo" at my aunts' and uncles' houses. This involves no actual camping; mostly treasure hunts, family excursions, and shopping. Regardless, it's always held in Chicago so I really wanted to make that a part of my crest. 

I first went this route: 


And then I thought it might be too busy so I went this route:


But it's also kind of busy. The second one incorporates helicopter seeds which are a common memory from my childhood vacations in chicago. I also wanted to make sure I incorporated the Chicago flag into both. 

I don't really know which one I like better, or if I like either at all... Feedback is welcome!


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