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The Hunger Games trilogy

I read The Hunger Games trilogy before it became a blockbuster and could not sleep well for several nights as my heart could not forget the pain and devastation shown in the books. The last one is named after a bird but shows nothing but the cruelty of the human race.

So once I started this classe I had no doubt these are the book I would like to work with in the project. 

Following the Projeect Guide:

I. The text. 

I'm afraid the full text is not available but a bit about it can be read here:

II. My annotations.

I worked with textures as a way of representing the feelings the story brings to the reader: roughness, dying richness, despair... It kind of jumped from my mind when I closed the last book. 

III. Share your sketches

Here are some of the images I collect and version of the layout.

My final designs.

As I am in Brazil, the jackets I created show the portuguese titles for the books.

The gray one, "Jogos Vorazes" ( The Hunger Games) is about the initial crack in a rough and cruel system.

The red, called "Em chamas" (Catching Fire) shows the "shining reality" on the Capital of the country and how it turns to "smoke".

And the last one, "A Esperança" (Mockingjay) is the end of the story.  The image tells a bit about what happens but it mainly reflects the protagonist's internal world.

If you haven't seen the movies yet, don't!

Read the books.

Hope you enjoy the story... and my work : )


Patricia L.



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