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Leena Cruz

Illustrator and Graphic Designer



The Hunchback Pirate / Pirata Piratón

Leena Cruz

Hi, I was doing this project as I saw the videos, so my character is also a pirate.

First I started doodling and exploring shapes, I have to say this entire process is very different as the one I use, so I tried to follow each step closely and it was very fun!

Second, I do some poses with the bodies I build.

I like the hunchback pirate character so I chose that pose.

I began to do my first drawing or attempt at drawing...

Do it a little more detailed...

I notice that the hunckback was more like potato sacks and things with no shape, so I began to give it more shape and exagerate some features.

I refined that new pirate body and flip it to correct some things.

I actually begin to like the previous stage a lot. Then some refining on the sketch again.

Checking anatomy...

Changing the anatomy and refining the final sketch, I REALLY like this sketch, I have never been in love with a hunckback and I really love this dude, in the last part I change the hand because I read about the sillhuoete and separate the hands from the body, and I think that was a really smart move, thanks Denis!

The detailed sketch! Add more detail and hairs :)

Checking the silhouette and changing the parts that seem overlaped.

Right now I'm very satisfied with the sketch, I feel I push some boundaries on my skills and I'm looking to improve a lot more, actually I'm on the values part and I have a little hard time on it, I have a hard time with the light, for example if it comes from up and left, will hit everything? and the shadow of the pirate what angle will have?

This is my first try at values:

And with ambient blue daylight:

I like the lighting on his cheek, but wasn't really satisfied with the lighting at all so I do a second try at values:

In this case the light comes clearly from his left and its more smooth, also I have use brighter values at his cap and 'ayes  :P

For me is more clearly to see where the light is coming from in this try, but I think is too soft, I will do more attempts and start with the coloring process, as I said I'm following the videos and drawing when I finish them to have a flow.

Thank you very much for your attention!



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