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The Hulkamaniacs

As a lover of all things sports (and closet wrestling fan... although I guess not anymore), I saw this class and immediately had to do it. I wanted to try something a little different, so I thought of something that was colorful, iconic, and larger than life --- what better than a professional wrestler! And who better than the Hulkster himself.

Here's my process board. I quickly realized doing a human face was challenging (not that an animal isn't). Deciding which strokes to make bold and how to make them was interesting. After several tweaks, I got it where I wanted (or at least as best I could). The color and shading was also tough. It was a fine balance between making the brighter highlights too light, which looked weird, and making them just enough, allowing them to pop. In the photo you can see an extreme highlight on the tip of Hulk's nose. After several attempts at tones of color, I decided to ditch it all together... it looked more like a zit and became very distracting. Also, I ultimately decided to do away with a neck line. The adam's apple area wasn't working for me and I think in the end, it works much better as just his head.

And here's the finished piece. This was extremely fun and I can't wait to try my next logo.


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