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The Honors Society

Hey what's up, my name is Frederick Scott I'm 18 years old, I currently reside in Philadelphia and this is my brand, The Honors Society. The Honors Society was started back in the summer of 2012. If I were to categorize the brand I would say that it is a streeticana type of brand. You are probably wondering what exactly streeticana is and I'll tell you. Streeticana is basically a mixture of two cultures, street wear and americana.  We try to stay away from the cheesy fabrics that are overused in the "industry" today such as cheetah print, paisley and just all the things that are constantly being used. By the way, we do not want to be known as the brand who just does sleeve tees, this is just what we started with. We are growing as a brand, so there is way more to come than just sleeve t shirts. I know alot of designers or brand owners don't like to admit that they are inspired by brands but brands that we look up too are Publish, Raised by Wolves and of course Staple.This is mainly because the capture audience that we are trying to connect with as well. In the future we want to become more of a made in america type of brand, which means that all of the materials that we use will be made in america obviously.

Above is our first t-shirt that we released in the fall of 2012. 

Above is our Summer collection that is now on sale in our webstore.(

Im definitely trying to come up with a logo and a slogan very soon still in the process of doing so. But, I know that my body work so far is not as vast as everyone elses, but I did not pay my 15 dollars just to win a competition. I paid mainly so that I can learn not just from Jeff Staple but from other students in this class. I would appreciate opinions and feedback from you all on the brand and know that I will also give feedback on other brands as well. 

Thanks for checking us out

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Instagram: @honorssociety or @frshfrd (personal)

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Email: [email protected]

We own the rights to the URL so stay on the lookout for that aswell.


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