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The Hong Clan

My family crest is a tribute to my extended family, mostly on my dad's side. We're Chinese, and my grandparents' hometowns are mostly in southern China. My mom, brother, and I were born here in the US, so there's a bit of a culture difference, along with a language barrier. Family get-togethers tend to be a loud cacaphony of shouting that I don't understand, up until the point at which the food comes out. Then, its only the sounds of us filling our bellies. Eating is serious business. So, my crest is an homage to our moments of harmony. The top icon is a Shanghai dumpling or xiaolongbao, a food universally loved by the entire clan. A lot of the shapes are inspired by the shapes and art on traditional Chinese furniture and my earliest memories of my grandfather's old shop, filled with furniture and knick-knacks.

I was a little worried about trying to incorporate Asian shapes and designs as they tend to have a very strong influence and look nothing like what you'd traditionally think of with a family crest. I still think it looks a bit off, but it was a fun challenge nevertheless.

B&W version:


Some color, though I think I prefer the B&W:



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