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Cristina Oliver



The Honey Bee infographic

Hello guys,

I enrolled this class ages ago but never got the time to do it properly. I love inforgraphics and I'm addicted to all kind of pages of how showing information in a beautiful way.

I don't have much of the process I followed because I'm a lazy ass and never remmeber to document everything properly.

I changed the topic in several ocassions, and basically I ended up chosing the topic of the Honey Bees. It is not something about myself because the previous project i did for Skillshare was designing icon about my activities of the day, so I wanted to do something different and that could be interesting at the same time.

Here's the very simple draft I did with my idea. Then it changed quite a bit.

And here's what I ended up with. The Bees are modelled in C4D, because I try to use it as much as I can to learn more and more (I'm a motion designer) and use it in many different ways.

Feedback welcome! Thanks!



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