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The Bedroom is done

I've done it!!!!! Bedroom completed and really happen with the transformation. Overall the Bedroom has been my favouirte project, it made such a huge difference to the room. 

HI All, 

I finally got round to doing my bookshelf - better that than never!!!!!

I really wanted a big round object like a mirror to sit on the top at the back but couldn't find anything. I think this would have fnished it off. I did buy a couple of little things and love the ceramic pottery balls which I think are really cool.

I will get to that bedroom this week. !!!! Enjoy

The Whole Bookcase

Here are my Latest Photos post styling! 

Hope you Like!!! x

Coffee Table 




Hello from the UK All, 

It's April and I am seeing snow flakes today????!!!! WHYYYYY! 

OK so just a few things to point out here which hopefully you can provide some helpful tips on. ......

1. Functional Styling with an 18 month old

How to style my home in a beautful, functional way without my little lady tearing and breaking everything to bits every day. Maybe I should style my whole place in melamine? No actually she is very well behaved but I'm hesitate to use sharp, pointy objects, vintage items and GLASS most of all. In fact we already removed my very cool vintage glass coffee table way back to prevent accidents! 

2.  Rented apartment (AKA Military Housing) , The Do's and Don'ts

Yes, we live in military accommodation. Athough we are lucky enough to have a 3 bedroom house & some bigger spaces we cannot change the colour pallette on the walls and any internal fittings really expect for banging a few picture hooks in. I like to think of our house as having 'period features' , it was built in the 40's and we have some interesting ones like stand alone basins (sinks) in both bedrooms  as well as a serving hatch through to the dining room (which I think is kinda cool and very functional!). Also a lot  (most) of our furniture is provided by the military so it's birch heaven at our place

Here are my before's.......

The Coffee Table
A little bare at the moment, but love my Ercol vintage coffee table


The Couch

The Bookcase
I haven't had time to do anything here but it least it has a picture of our daughter and a shatterline lamp which I love! 


The Bedroom
Little plain and waiting to do a super cool geometric quilt for summer

very sad, lonely and needs lots of work. Even the maidenhair looks sad...Does have our all important wedding picture though :-) 



8 Principles of Styling

Here's a little shot I love. It's Margherita Missoni's Milan apartment so she should get it right!!!

1. Needs 
Functional cushions & rugs

2. Shape
Displayed within the furntire here too with contrasting elements

3. Colour
Lots of contrasting by complentary colours here

4. Pattern
Big mix and range of patterns here from Kilim to one of her own rugs

5. Texture
Love the different textures used within the different furnishing from wicker chairs to turkish Kilim rugs

6. Placement
Considered placement of artworks and bookself pieces

7. Bling

8. Botanicals 
Keep little plant pop with bright contrasting planter


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