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The Hobbit

Jan. 28

Hello skillsharers!

I have decided to tackle The Hobbit by JRR Tolkein - epic, right? Focusing on the letter 'T', here is what I came up with for my brainstorming list:

For the sake of imagery, I tried to steer away from names (you'll see I did include a few), although I should have probably included them all anyways :0/

Jan. 29

Hello again!

Here are the beginnings of sketch work I have done and based from my previous list. I keep going back to the incorporation of Smaug (the dragon) which is what I have here:

Utilizing Smaug's smoke to form an intricate letter 'T' I feel represents a few things. A) the intricate journey (both physical and mental for characters) that is protrayed within the book, B) the looming doom which is present and must be over come, and C) reflective of the kind of culture and tone created within the writing.

I still plan on looking into other ideas, but this gets the ball moving. Any feedback would be appreciated!


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