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The Hobbit

Playing around a bit in Illustrator...

Quick update...

Maybe I can combine an Uncial or Gothic-esque T with the Hobbit door.

Or maybe a Smaug-like dragon on top.

Here are a few initial sketches...

Thinking about playing off the idea of the Hobbit hole with it's perfect round door in the middle and integrating it into the T.

Bilbo is introduced as having his adventuresome Tookish side, and his conservative Baggins side. Soon he has to choose between embarking on an adventure, or staying home. This idea attempts to illustrate the crossroads of decision. He follows the path to adventure.

In the forest the party is attacked by giant spiders that spin them up in webs and hang them from the trees!

I think Uncial is the unofficial type of the Tolkien universe. I'd like to play around with a capital T but doing something special with it as well. Still thinking about what that could be.


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